A self-innovative game company that provides fresh, exhilarating, and unforgettable adventures

To us, the most memorable things about playing a game is the excitement
you feel the first time you step into an unknown world,
the adventures you'll have there, and the unforgettable memories created from the experience.
These are the kinds of experiences that we want to present to the users who play our games.
We strive to become a company that always creates breathtaking games that are unimaginable to others. We are creators that are willing to break boundaries,
reflect on our creations  and start back at square one if necessary.
That is the very essence of Pearl Abyss.

To create the best MMOs in the world

Pearl Abyss wants to give our users an out-of-this-world experience like no other.
We aspire to create games that offer the best quality in every aspect, including system, graphics, and sound.
Pearl Abyss endeavors to make the best games that offer both fun and quality that users can’t find anywhere else.
Games are more fun when you play them with friends and other people.
Whether you are competing or collaborating,
building relationships with other people is one of the most important elements of a game. This is why we create MMOs - for everyone to enjoy, together.




t. + 82  31  476  8583
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24, Simin-daero 327 beon-gil  Dongan-gu,
Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do,
14055, Rep. of KOREA

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기업윤리 신고센터

기업윤리 신고센터

펄어비스는 보다 더 투명하고 윤리적인 기업문화의 정착을 위해 기업윤리 신고센터를 운영합니다.

임직원의 불공정한 업무수행, 금품·접대 등 부당한 요구, 회계관련 부당한 업무처리 및
기타 부정·비리 행위 등을 상담·신고 할 수 있는 채널로,
임직원, 협력사,기타 제보와 관련있는 거래 당사자 또는 제3자 등 누구나 실명 또는 익명으로 신고가능하며,
신고된 내용은 펄어비스 감사 주관 하에 공정하고 엄중하게 조사·처리됩니다.

제보자의 신분과 상담·신고 내용 등은 철저히 비밀로 보장되며,
제보자는 어떠한 경우에도 정당한 제보를 이유로 불이익이나 차별을 받지 않음을 약속 드립니다.

접수된 사항은 빠른 시일내에 처리할 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.